Quirinale contemporaneo 2020

Quirinale contemporaneo 2020
Curated by Renata Cristina Mazzantini
From 1 October 2021
Rome, Palazzo del Quirinale


On the occasion of the exhibition “Quirinale contemporaneo 2020” promoted by the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, two works by Piero Dorazio. Senza fine (Endless) and Lop Nor are installed in the Sala di Ercole. (photos by Massimo Listri)


The works, both from 1996, explore a theme that the artist has been experimenting with in his production since the 1940s. In his early drawings inspired by Kandinsky’s theory, the artist introduced the study of concentric shapes and the spatial possibilities that these structures offer to light and color. While in the early works this theme is declined as a detail of larger compositions, as of the nineties it becomes an autonomous element of the painting.


The catalogue published by Treccani, includes the new exhibits at Palazzo del Quirinale and at Tenuta Presidenziale di Castelporziano photographed by Massimo Listri.