The Associazione Archivio Piero Dorazio was established in 2014, at the express wish of Piero Dorazio’s heirs, with the purpose of studying, preserving, and promoting the artist’s oeuvre. The Associazione intends to carry out its mission by developing the areas of history and research.


To appreciate and study the work of Dorazio from a historical perspective, the Archivio Piero Dorazio is tasked with registering and cataloguing the artist’s entire practice. This includes bibliographical documentation (catalogues, magazines, essays, etc.), but also personal documents (correspondence, photos, etc.) that can contribute, directly or indirectly, to understanding his body of work. From a research point of view, the primary concern is an historic-artistic analysis, aimed at the study of Dorazio in relationship to his time and his peers and the catalogue raisonné of his body of work, which will allow for a thorough understanding of the development of the artist’s language.


The preservation of Dorazio’s work is carried out by archiving the largest possible part of his work created over the course of his lifetime. The Archivio Piero Dorazio issues archive certifications for the works that are deemed authentic by the technical committee, whose expertise is also sought in collecting and examining material thought to be forgeries as well as analyzing their provenance and nature. The Archivio Dorazio reserves the right to proceed in the most suitable manner whilst denouncing any falsifications, and take action against any activity that could in any way be harmful to the Maestro’s work.


The enhancement of Piero Dorazio’s oeuvre occurs by highlighting lesser-known aspects of his practice, an analysis of his diverse influences and his relationship with other artists, including those with a literary, musical, or film background, thus placing his work in a European and international context. The promotional aspect of this analysis includes, but is not limited to, organizing exhibitions, publications, conferences, videos, and other products of widespread distribution, as well as editions based on Dorazio’s ideas and original sketches intended for museums or the public at large.