The heirs of Piero Dorazio —Justin Dortch Dorazio, Angela D’Orazio, Allegra D’Orazio— are the exclusive copyright co-sharers regarding the works of Piero Dorazio, regarding their property or the property of third parties (art. 12 and ff. of laws concerning copyright protection – Legge sul Diritto d’Autore L. no. 633, April 22, 1941, hereafter “LDA),” including the rights to publish, reproduce, and communicate, in any form or manner, the artist’s works to the public. In compliance with the above-mentioned LDA, the photos that reproduce artworks cannot infringe upon the copyrights regarding the work reproduced belonging to the artist or his co-heirs. The rights of Piero Dorazio’s heirs also include those concerning the works in their own possession and those belonging to other owners.


Any use of the works by Piero Dorazio and respective reproductions—regardless of the form or way in which they are made or if the work is used whole or even partially, in a permanent or temporary manner—is admitted only and exclusively upon authorization on the part of the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori – S.I.A.E.


In particular, a beforehand authorization from the S.I.A.E. is required for photographic, cinematic, and/or digital reproductions of the works; publication, communication, and/or diffusion, even on the Internet, of images of the works; reproduction in auction catalogues or other publications of images. If a 
S.I.A.E. authorization is missing, there can be no reproduction of texts or works, in any form (photos, cinema, digital, etc.). This does not pertain to free use, as according to the LDA, providing that this use fall under established limits and terms.


Authorization may be requested by notifying the Archive (in copy) and the S.I.A.E., specifying in detail the terms of use (purpose, modality, duration, etc.) intended to be made.


The reproduction and/or publication of images depicting the back of Piero Dorazio’s works will not be allowed.


Any use of the works of Piero Dorazio and relating reproductions that do not comply with what is stated above is strictly prohibited and will be subject to fine, according to existing laws.


The contents of this site, including texts, captions, images (except possible photographer-author rights) belong exclusively to the Dorazio heirs and/or the Archive.
Reproduction, even partial and/or temporary, of any content on this website for purposes not mentioned above is strictly prohibited and will be subject to existing laws.


For image consent form and copyright of Piero Dorazio please contact:


S.I.A.E. Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori
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